Study finds stress frightens faster whitening of hair

Study finds stress frightens faster whitening of hair

Both aging and stress can cause hair to turn gray.

According to the US “Interesting Science Network” reported on June 16, “Cell” magazine published a groundbreaking study, which further revealed the mystery of white hair formation, and thus had a further scientific understanding of white hair.Develop a new method to prevent white hair.

  New York University scientists have discovered a key “chemical pathway” for gray hair.

Studies have found that germinal stem cells send “Wnt” signals to melanin-producing melanocytes (melanocytes), which “remove” hair pigment.

Dermatologist Dr. Puel Labani, head of the new study, said the failure of the cells responsible for pigmentation is a key cause of graying in older people.

  Melanocytes produce melanin, which makes the skin and hair appear black or dark.

When so-called “Wnt” proteins bind melanocytes, they activate melanocytes to accelerate their division.

Melanin stem cells can replace themselves and produce so-called “daughter cells.”

Melanocyte daughter cells continue to produce melanin and inject it into the hair.

The amount of melanin produced by these daughter cells depends on a person’s genes, so human hair will have a variety of colors such as light black, blond hair, and red hair.

  With the acceleration of the human aging process, melanin stem cells cannot be preserved, and the cells will either lose their proper functions, which will only cause the hair to gradually turn gray, white or silver.

In this process, Wnt signaling proteins may be the key to the problem.

  Stress and fright also seem to speed up the process of hair graying, and new research may help explain the possible reasons for this.

One possibility is that the Wnt signaling protein interacts with the chemical reaction process caused by stress, and the other may be that the chemical reaction process caused by stress directly affects melanocyte dysfunction.

These mysteries require further research by scientists before they can be revealed.

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