[Can vinegar hangover]_Benefits_Benefits

[Can vinegar hangover]_Benefits_Benefits

When it comes to drinking, some people don’t touch it, and some love and fear it.

Some people must drink alcohol for entertainment. Drinking some red wine properly can protect our blood vessels and also fight aging.

Then if you drink too much, it ‘s not good. Some people say that drinking vinegar can hang up. Anyway, I have n’t tried it. Soaking your hands with vinegar can make your hands soft, but the vinegar is sour. Drinking it directly can definitely refresh your mind.Can vinegar really hangover?

What are the effects of drinking vinegar: 1.

Balanced acid-base vinegar, although it tastes sour, is an alkaline food.

After being rich in acidic foods such as fish, meat, polished rice, salt, etc., drinking vinegar can maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids and prevent acidification of blood and body fluids.

In addition, vinegar can increase urine output and replace excess salt with extra vinegar, so vinegar can be called a blood purification guardian.


Delaying aging For those who value health, when talking about delaying aging, they can often say a lot of food, but few people mention vinegar.

But in fact, vinegar can help people alleviate the aging process, prevent osteoporosis and senile plaques, and keep people’s health in a healthy state!


Dilation of vascular vinegar can both promote rejection and lower blood pressure.

It also helps to soften blood vessels, reduce hypertension, and prevent cardiovascular disease.


The diuretic function of kidney vinegar can also be implanted into diseases such as kidney stones, gallstones, bladder stones and urinary stones.


Vital vinegar contains rich nutrients such as acetic acid, amino acids, and lactic acid to enhance liver function.


The bactericidal effect of bactericidal and disease-resistant vinegar is undoubted. Almost all harmful bacteria cannot survive in vinegar for more than 30 minutes.

Therefore, moderate consumption of vinegar can effectively prevent diseases, influenza and respiratory diseases.


Enhancing physical vinegar can stimulate the increase of antibodies in the blood, enhance the phagocytic capacity of lymphocytes responsible for immune function, enhance physical fitness, and improve the body’s ability to resist disease.

Vinegar can’t be hanged: the main ingredient of wine is ethanol, and the main ingredient of vinegar is acetic acid.

The esterification reaction of vinegar and alcohol requires two conditions, one is the catalysis of concentrated sulfuric acid, and the other is the need for heating, and these two conditions are difficult to achieve in the human body, and even a variety of enzymes in the human body can begin to catalyze.The reaction of the two substances in the human body is also minimal.

In addition, the esterification reaction is extremely slow at room temperature, and it usually takes 15 years to reach equilibrium.

So, hangover with vinegar has almost no effect.

Therefore, we can almost think that vinegar and wine are not reactive in the body, so there is no hangover effect.

However, because vinegar has a highly recognizable pungent taste, it can stimulate the human brain and temporarily avoid alcohol paralysis. Therefore, it can be considered that vinegar has a “hangover” effect, not a “hangover” effect.

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