Local subcutaneous coward


Local subcutaneous coward

It is not easy to lose weight, although various weight-loss methods have many advantages, but they also have their own drawbacks.

At present, plastic surgery (plastic surgery) surgeons take temporary aspiration, which is one of the ways to lose weight.

The method is simple and easy to implement.

Aunt is not a good way to lose weight all over the body. It is only inserted into a straw through the skin in some parts of the body (such as waist, buttocks, abdomen, and femoral). The negative pressure source connected to it generates a huge force and sucks out the skin.

Generally suitable for local adults who are too thick (ply pleat thickness > 30 mm).


Amateur aspiration device: The surgical device consists of a tip, a catheter and an electric aspirator.

The tip is a metal blind end catheter with one or several foramen ovale near the tip.

The tip is divided into two types depending on whether the edge of the hole is steep or has a sharp knife.

According to the needs of different parts of the human body, the straws are made of various models of different lengths, curvatures and calibers to suit different parts.

The catheter is a transparent tube made of hard silicone, the tube wall is hard to resist the suction of negative pressure without collapse.

The aspirate is observed through the transparent tube wall, and the aspirated micro-liquid enters the reservoir via the catheter through the tip.

The electric aspirator is a negative pressure source that produces a negative pressure to suck out the feces.


Method of operation: Take the appropriate position, centered on the waist, abdomen, buttocks, and the most prominent part of the femoral part. Use the blue to mark a circle or ellipse from small to large, separated by l.

2 cm; until the slight accumulation of the edge; after epidural anesthesia, take the supine position, or for local subcutaneous infiltration anesthesia; abdominal fat absorption and lower abdominal overlap, hip fat absorption and overlapping hip cross, top length 1.


5 cm, should be 3-10 cm from the most prominent place of aunt’s accumulation; use the middle bend hemostat to separate the subcutaneous aunt tissue until the tendon membrane, to determine the offset thickness of the aunt; use the large insertion tube, the middle layer and the skin of the aunt’s auntThe membranes are inserted in parallel directions, and are projected in a continuous manner, and are sequentially repeated, and the insertion tube holes are rotated in the up-down direction.

Accurate work requirements are accurate, detailed, effective, and the appropriate amount of accidentality is just right to produce a normal curve and form a continuous plane and smooth curvature with other parts.


Surgical complications and interventional conditioning: complications that may occur during interventional aspiration, bleeding, hematoma, infection, local sensation disappearance, local skin ecchymosis, local irregularities, slight embolism, etc.

Therefore, surgery should be cautious.

銆€銆€Projected to a semi-flow diet 2?
On the 5th, keep the urine and urine smooth, reduce abdominal pressure; on the second day, give specific electromagnetic wave exposure, once a day, 7 consecutive times?
On the 10th, to reduce local swelling and accelerate healing.

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