[How long is the shelf life of Anji white tea]_storage time_validity

[How long is the shelf life of Anji white tea]_storage time_validity

Anji white tea is also very famous. Always keep it properly when drinking Anji white tea. Do not make the tea past the shelf life, because after the shelf life, its value will be greatly reduced, and the health effect will become worse.Be sure to understand the shelf life of white tea when you buy it, and try to finish it before the shelf life. Try to avoid buying too much at one time. Let’s take a look at this.

How long is the shelf life of Anji white tea? According to relevant information, the degree of fermentation of tea leaves gradually, the easier the shelf life, the longer the shelf life.

Anjiji tea belongs to green tea, which is a non-fermented tea. Relatively speaking, the shelf life is shortened, generally 6 months, and the longest is about 18 months.

Regarding how long the Anji white tea has a shelf life, it is generally defined according to the standards set by the country.

For bulk Anji white tea, experts generally recommend that you try to drink it within 2-3 months.

If properly stored, it can be appropriately extended to 6 months after drinking.

If it is paper or canned Anji white tea, the shelf life is generally 12 months.

Similarly, if stored well, it can be left for about 18 months.

In general, how long the shelf life of Anji white tea is, we generally judge based on the shelf life indicated on the packaging.

But that is not to say that all Anji white teas that have exceeded their shelf life cannot be nested.

The following conditions should not be allowed: 1. Dry tea must be moldy or long-haired, with an unpleasant odor; the color is dull and dull.

2. The color of the tea soup after brewing turns brown, darkens, and becomes cloudy.

3, a small mouthful of tea soup, if the taste is fresh and low, with an old taste, it means that the quality of Anji white tea has changed.

In addition, the shelf life of Anji white tea has a lot to do with its preservation method.

If properly stored properly, the shelf life can be extended appropriately.

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