Out of the misunderstanding of quick-acting whitening and freckle removal


Out of the misunderstanding of quick-acting whitening and freckle removal

There is no quick-acting whitening and freckle removing product “ten women nine spots”, the spots are seriously blocking the beauty.

Large and small beauty salons’ freckle and whitening items are also very popular. Many customers use whitening and freckle products when they go to the beauty salon for care, they want the skin to be whitened instantly and the spots will disappear. It seems that this level is the only effect.However, I do not know that this concept is very wrong, ignoring the physiological structure of the skin, often leaving endless hidden dangers.

For example, the skin changes that were all the rage in the past are now regrettable, and the healthy skin has been damaged.

  Products that can instantly whiten and freckle must contain bleaching powder. In a short period of time, the skin is bleached to make it look whiter, temporarily suppressing the appearance of dark spots on the surface, and forcibly fast removing freckle is usually to peel off the protective film of the outer layer of the epidermis, that is,The skin’s natural protective coat was peeled off, and the red blood cells of the skin cells were also damaged by bleaching, which led to the degradation of metabolic function, melanin deposition, thinning of the stratum corneum, and the skin condition became worse.Allergies, redness, and other cosmetic problems can occur, resulting in fragile and sensitive skin.

What’s more, the body spots other than the sunburn spots cannot be removed at all, and can only be broken down by good maintenance to lighten the spots and slowly whiten.

Therefore, don’t easily believe the lie of “freckle removal in a few days and quick whitening”.

  Through careful maintenance, you can receive whitening effects, but there is a gradual process, because skin cells are metabolized layer by layer and need to be consumed.

The whitening and freckle maintenance that can really polish can take at least 60 days, and the skin care products must have good performance, excellent quality, and proper maintenance methods.

  There are many factors that lead to the formation of spots in time for freckle maintenance: some are caused by sunburn, some are caused by the use of inferior cosmetics containing lead, and some are inherited.

Appropriate care can lighten pigmentation and whiten skin tone.

Spots that appear randomly due to internal factors such as endocrine mutations are stubborn and difficult to improve, but maintenance still has a repair function to prevent their deepening.

  Long-spotted skin should especially be used to strengthen the face: Since ancient times, women have used honey and other materials to apply face to remove spots and whiten.

Now various brands of cosmetics are always whitening freckle mask, easy to use and good results.

  Internal adjustment and external cultivation: adjust your own state, improve endocrine, and avoid sensitive vegetables, such as celery, parsley, white radish, etc.

Spots are particularly sensitive to sunlight and will deepen when exposed to sunlight.

Enhances sun protection during the day and skin conditioning at night.

For pigmented spots caused by genetic endocrine causes, high-quality whitening products can instead prevent the spread of spots and deepen the color. For sunburn, they can be improved and restored in a short period of time.

  Many beautiful women dream of having flawless skin like white jade, which leads to exhaustion, but is always unsatisfactory.

So, please reflect on: Is your alternative the right way?

  I hope you can get inspiration from it: as long as you can treat it scientifically, with unrelenting love, perseverance and careful care, you will have moisturized, fair and healthy skin and enter the ranks of whitening beauty.

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