Relax and rejuvenate every day for 2 minutes every day

Relax and rejuvenate every day for 2 minutes every day

There are reflection areas of various organs at the sole of the foot, massage and stimulate the corresponding reflection area, which can promote local blood circulation, thereby achieving the purpose of detoxification and fat burning, and reducing the visceral feces.

The biggest feature of this method is that you can reduce the excess and reduce the endocrine function of lymphatic drainage.

Let you slim down at the same time, the spirit is a hundred times, showing youthful vitality!

  The specific method (the following method only takes 2 minutes each time, the girls can only do one method every day, such as the time is full and the effect is better) 1, knocking the soles of the feet every night before going to bed with a fist to hit the soles of the feet, can eliminateOne day of fatigue, promote systemic blood circulation, is the enhancement of visceral detoxification function, so that the excretion function of blood vessels in the body is unimpeded and accelerates the fat burning rate.

The correct method is centered on the sole of the foot, rhythmically performed, with a slight pain, about 100 times per foot, and the exercise is completed for about 2 minutes.

  2, the feet sway the blood circulation is not good, there will be visceral dysfunction and endocrine disorders, there will be physical toxins can not be eliminated in time, the metabolism is too slow to cause a slight accumulation, obesity.

Simple local stimulation of the foot can promote blood circulation and speed up metabolism.

Sit on your bed or on the floor, let your feet shake in the air, then let your feet rotate like a bicycle.

For 2 minutes, the province’s blood circulation is immediately smooth, burning adults and helping to improve sleep.

  3, barefoot walking This method has the greatest advantage of getting the palm of your hand to exercise. The palm is an important part of maintaining the balance of the human body. When walking, you can stimulate the palm. Try to walk on the pebble road, or prepare a round mat on your home.

Let the five fingers separate movement is also a big advantage of walking barefoot. In order to lose weight and good health, at home, you can let your feet liberate from the shoes and socks and walk barefoot.

Hold on for 2 minutes.

  4, licking toe claws, toe nails slimming, and enhance memory.

You can use both hands to grasp the big toenails of your feet, make them smash, lick several times a day, 2 minutes each time, or you can manually exercise to lick the small toe hoof, because the memory is related to the cerebellum, and the small toe is the cerebellum.The reflection zone, so the small toe helps to enhance memory.

揉搓 2 minutes.

  5, the foot massage allows the feet to close together and rub each other, so that the blood circulation is smooth, until the foot feels warm, you can strengthen the body’s detoxification and fat burning effect in a short time.

The method is to lie on the bed or on the floor, raise your feet and rub each other hard, if the hands are rubbing at the same time.

Just rub hard about 20 times, about 2 minutes.

This method also helps sleep.

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