[Ningbo fried bag]_Ningbo production_How to make

[Ningbo fried bag]_Ningbo production_How to make

Xiaolongbao is very famous in Ningbo area of Zhejiang province, because everyone knows that Xiaolongbao in Zhejiang has chain stores all over the country. Its taste is very delicious. It is especially suitable for Xiaolongbao at breakfast.It can also be made into uncooked buns, which are made from thin slices. Such buns will become a delicious soup after a bite. So what is the practice of Ningbo uncooked buns?

Sheng Jian Bao is a special snack popular in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Suzhou and other places.

People in Shanghai prefer to call the buns steamed buns. Therefore, Shanghai people also call the raw fried buns raw steamed buns. Its outer skin is crispy and soft, and the thick juicy meat is also particularly fragrant. Take a bite.

The balsamic scallion and sesame scent spread slowly in the mouth.

Especially with appetite.

Appearance and shape: Its skin and soft filling are fried until golden brown.

The top half will be sprinkled with black sesame, chives, smells fragrant, and bites a mouthful of soup.

Many tourists go to Shanghai and must try Shanghai’s local fried dumplings.

His skin is thin and unfocused.

Basically it relies on baking. It has a century of history in Shanghai, and it can be seen on the streets everywhere.

The most famous is Dayi Chunsheng Fried, but now the most famous is Xiaoyang Shengjian.

In the winter, eating a pot of fresh fried pans can drive away the cold, absorb nutrients, and chew the aroma.

And the black sesame on top of his buns can also have an appetizing and spleen effect.

Actually, the soup of the raw fried dumplings is put in a kind of skin jelly. If you feel that it is troublesome, you can add more water or broth in the meat filling, which can also make the meat filling more delicious, but its sizeIt should be as consistent as possible. Generally, it is most suitable to put it in the mouth, so that it can be heated evenly.

Moreover, the fried pan is swollen and enlarged by the evaporated water in his pot, so the amount of water must be appropriate.

Add the cold water.

How to make it First, when making raw fried buns, prepare some meat leek and other auxiliary condiments, add seasonings such as oil and vinegar, ginger, soy sauce, and white wine, and turn them into green onion and ginger.

Then clean the pork belly and cut into small pieces to remove blood and water.

Then put a large spoonful of peanut oil in the pot and heat the oil before frying the pork belly, then add the appropriate amount of raw soy sauce and salt and vinegar, white wine, allspice powder, and fry the pork belly evenly.Do not paste the pot. After its color turns golden yellow, add a little warm water to the prepared yeast, stir well and pour it into the flour. Mix the flour into a dough and leave it in a sunny place for about one hour to ferment.about.

At this time, you can mix the cleaned leeks with the previously fried diced meat, add a little salt and sesame oil, stir well, make into a bun filling, set aside, and squeeze the fermented dough.After pressing into long strips, cut into small pieces and roll into dough.

Wrap the modular leek stuffing into buns and knead them into the shape of a large dumpling.

Cover the lid and leave it for about 15 minutes and 20 minutes. Then apply a small amount of oil to the bottom of the pan. After heating, spread the buns in the pan. Leave a gap of about 1 cm between the buns and the buns.

When the bottom of the bun becomes completely golden, pre-adjust the water and starch.

Put it in the pot and wipe it into the bottom.

Then simmer until the water in the pot is completely dry before turning off the heat.

: After that, the buns scooped out will be fine.

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